Location: Republic of Maldives

Year: 2007


This project is providing sewer collection systems to new and existing housing on these islands as well as provisions for marine outfalls. The project involves some similar aspects as required by this harbour rehabilitation project with a process of planning / study, concept design, detailed design and construction supervision of the systems is required.

Location – Republic of Mauritius

Year – 2008


1. Assess the tuna resources that could be fished and their potential for development;

2. Develop a plan indicating the rationale, objective, cost estimates, funding, implementation arrangement for the development of a longline fishery;

3. Evaluate the infrastructure in place and identify additional infrastructure needs to support domestic tuna longlining in Mauritius;

4. Propose vessel parameters for the tuna longline vessel(s) to be based in Mauritius taking into account the prevailing conditions;

5. Estimate the probable fish catches for domestic tuna longliners;

6. Investigate any impact of such a fishery on the marine environment and propose mitigating measures, if any;

7. Assess economic viability of investment and development for a longline fishery;

8. Identify sources of funding for the implementation of a longline fishery;

9. Identify the necessary human resources skill including training needs requirements for the longlining fishery;

10. Investigate marketing aspects both for local and export and potential for value addition;

Location – Republic of Maldives

Year – 2008


Consultancy for the design, tendering and construction supervision harbours constructed in the following islands. The harbours of these islands were severely damaged in the December 2004 Tsunami

  • Lhaviyani Hinnavaru
  • Thaa Thimarafushi
  • Gdh Thinadhoo

Location – Republic of Kazakhstan

Year – 2009


Project objective is to improve health and life conditions of the rural population of Karaganda oblast, as well as to improve the sanitary and epidemiological situation at the sites through provision of safe and easy access to drinking water services as well as provide integrated sanitation system to few villages.

Location – Republic of Maldives

Year – 2014


The works consist of the construction of all harbour components for harbours in Ha.Hoarafushi, Ha.Ihavandhoo, , Ba.Dharavandhoo, Ba.Goidhoo, Ka.Kaashidhoo, Ka.Dhiffushi, Gdh.Dhevvadhoo , Aa. Mathiveri and Th.Hirilandhoo including construction of new quay walls, breakwaters, entrance channels, navigational aids etc along with all temporary works and general requirements, with the following functional requirements constructed.

· Fish Landing Facility

· Loading/unloading of cargo space

· Passenger Ferry/Boat facilities

· Mooring of mainly locally registered vessels

· Recharging of fuel and water for the vessels

· Boat beaching for repair and maintenance

Location – Sierra Leone

Year – 2007


Preparation of technical specification and tender documents for the supplier, supervise the manufacture installation and commissioning of the Diesel Engine of one (1) x 7.56MW (phase-1) at Blackhall Road and two (2) x 7.56MW (phase-2), of Republic of Sierra Leone. The road network connecting the Town to the Power House was also part of the scope

Location – St Lucia

Year – 2011


The Government of St. Lucia, with the financial support of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) is carrying out a programme to improve 30 km of Feeder and Agricultural Roads that have yet to be rehabilitated under the various rehabilitation programmes such as the Roads Development Programme (RDP), the Tertiary Roads Rehabilitation Programme (TRRP) or the East Coast Road Project (ECRP).

Location: Zimbabwe
Year: 2017

The Project objective is to improve referral system through introducing the secondary level of health care unlike status quo whereby patients are being referred from primary care (clinics) level to other appropriate hospitals.

This will result in the appropriate and efficient utilization of all levels of care. Also an access to health care facilities, reduce overcrowding at Central Hospitals as well as reduce the overall cost of health cost. The proposed district hospitals would improve the referral system through introducing the secondary level of health care unlike status quo whereby patients are being referred from primary care (clinics) level to tertiary care level (Central hospitals). This will result in the appropriate and efficient utilization of all levels of care.

Project Value -KWD37,000,000

Location – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Year – 2016


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defense (MOD) has requirements for design and construction of expansion for the Royal Saudi Land Force Aviation Command (RSLFAC) located at three (3) bases (Tabuk, Khamis, and Dammam) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This project consists of new facilities and infrastructure for the RSLFAC, to support their Apache Helicopter Aircraft. The facilities shall be designed and constructed in accordance with Saudi building codes (SBC) and internationally recognized codes and standards with respect to safety and general construction.

Location – North Korea

Year – 2014


The project consists of the Construction of a New Pyongyang - Pyongsong Road, with a length of about 4.3 kilometer, consisting of two lanes, with a total width of about 12 meters, and shoulders of about 1.5 meter on each side. The project consists of the following components: Civil works, which include Site Preparation, Earthworks, Drainage, Pavement Layers, Bridges and Intersections, Safety Provisions, landscaping and Traffic Signs, also construction of service station including Petrol Station, Car Wash and Shops, Institutional support, which includes the provision of vehicles,office equipment, and training of road department personal

office equipments, and training of road department personal

Location – PCMH hospital, Ola During hospital & Connaught hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Year – 2014


To achieve efficient health care delivery, there is need for continuum of care from primary to secondary and tertiary levels. This requires that tertiary hospitals are adequately resourced in terms of staff and equipment to meet the challenges of emergencies. The various facilities are:

a) PCMH Hospital

· Establish a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Construct an oxygen plant, improve the water supply situation of the hospital, and establish a high dependency unit (ICU).

b) Ola During hospital

· Construct a Pediatric surgical ward, Construct an oxygen plant.

c) Connaught hospital

Construct an Accident and Emergency unit., Establish a dialysis unit
Project Value- KWD8,000,000

The project will involve construction of 8 Community Health Centre’s in the four project districts (two each in Bombali, Kambia, Port Loko, and Tonkolili) as specified in the detailed design brief at section 1.4. It will additionally involve:

· supply of medical equipment and medical furniture,

· supply of non-medical furniture,

· supply of drugs and consumables which include inter-alia, medicine for malaria treatment, antibiotics, vitamins, vaccines, etc. for one year,

supply of two ambulances, and strengthening of project co-ordination

Project Value - KWD8,000,000

Location – Afghanistan

Year – 2012


Provide design and construction features for 46 buildings of appropriate area 250,000 M2 and site utility design containing final storage and distribution, water treatment and distribution, sewer collection and treatment, electrical power generation and transmission. Area consists of roadways, parking, hangers, helipad and small runways. Ensure all design submittals are developed in adherence to applicable codes and Electrical works include for power generations and transmission, 33kV overhead & underground circuits and all associated works. Included the feasibility study with various options and finalize best option regarding economical & environmental consideration

Location – Ivory Coast



This water supply and distribution project is to be implemented to meet future consumption needs arising from growing demand and to realign tariff rates where new infrastructure to upgrade existing infrastructure is implemented to improve/replace more expensive environments and to upgrade systems in terms of spatial coverage of the distribution systems and their efficiency that best suits a country. All these reasons have been the motivation behind the drive for expansion / upgrade of the systems in the Ivory Coast
Location - Republic of Maldives
For the better healthcare facility in the southern region of Maldives, the Government of Maldives has decided to construct a 100 bed regional tertiary hospital at Hithadhoo, Addu City. The existing Hithadhoo Regional Hospital with a bed capacity of 50, persons is equipped to handle only the routine and minor medical services . The Government of Maldives therefore will convert the existing Equatorial Convention Centre (ECC) with required additional buildings into a 100 bed hospital facility. ECC is a 2 story building,. ECC site has an area of 77,028.45 Square Meters (7.7 Hectares) with natural landscaping features. The total footprint area of the ECC building is 7,533.36 Sqm.
Project Value - KWD33,000,000

Design and Build of King Salman Mosque, Republic of Maldives

Location - Eastern End of Male, Republic of Maldives



The Project is a ‘Landmark’ modern Mosque Complex on the Eastern end of Male’ by the side of Boduthakurufaanu Road in close proximity to China-Maldives Friendship bridge and Artificial Beach, It is a 40m+ high structure encircled by 5 nos. of 50m high minarets, having Basement + Ground Floor + 6 Floors and with a covered area of 2,716.65 M2, and with a gross floor area approximately 10,000 M2. being built on a plot of area 9.600 M2. The mosque square area, 7,500 M2, surrounding the mosque is envisioned to be built to accommodate 6,500 people for praying on special occasions and would be suitably landscaped. The project is consisting of following facilities and space allocation

1. Mosque Square: envisioned to accommodate 6500 people for praying

2. Basement Floor – Ablution Areas, Mechanical/Service area, Staff areas

3. Ground Floor level- prayer hall, VIP holding area, Services area, Lobby, bed lift

4. First floor: Prayer hall, imam room, store/sound room, bed

5. Second floor: multi-purpose hall, lobby, pre-function area, VIP holding area and maintenance area.

6. Third Floor: auditorium includes 4 seminar rooms, pre function room

7. Fourth Floor: Islamic Library and Resource center

8. Fifth Floor: Centre for Quran Studies

Mosque Square: envisioned to accommodate 6500 people for praying

Type of Project- ‘Landmark’ modern Mosque Complex

Covered Area- 2,716.65 square meters

Gross Floor Area- Approx. 10,000 square meters

Plot Area - 9,600 square meters

South Eastern University Phase- IA, Sri Lanka
Location – Sri Lanka
Year – 2011
The scope of works envisages the design, project management and construction supervision of a number of RC building structures. In addition, the design and document phase of the assignment is to be carried out within a 6 month time frame. The project components are as follows:-
1. Building Complex for Student Hostel.
2. Building Complex for Health Centre.
3. Sports & Athletic Grounds & Pavilion.
Ground Area.
4. Building Complex for Faculty of Islamic Studies & Arabic.
5. Building Complex for Faculty of Information Technology.
6. Building Complex for Student Centre (Canteen, Common Room, Recreation etc…)
7. Staff Accommodation (22 units with floor area of each unit – 120.0

Location – Bo, Bombali and Tonkolili, Sierra Leone

Year – 2014


The project aims at improving food security and alleviating poverty for the rural population of the districts of Bo, Bombali and Tonkolili by increasing productivity in farming systems and diversifying the production of crops and animals.

Location – South Mahe Island, Seychelles
Year – 2013
Feasibility study, Detailed design and Tender documentation of the 33 kV transmission and distribution network design entailing the installation of:
·Two 33 kV underground circuits between Seychelles International Airport and Anse Boileau/Barbarons with the provision of new 33 kV substation at Providence, 33 kV switching substation at Turtle-bay,33 kVsub-stations at Anse Royale,Quatre- Bornes, Takamaka, BaieLazare, A. La Mouche and upgrading of AnseBoileau sub­station.
·One 33kV underground circuit between Roche Caiman to switching substation at Turtle Bay and then a dual circuit overhead network from Turtle bay to AnseBoileau substation via Montagne Poseeto increase the power transfer capability and transmission network security in the event of breakdowns on the system.
·Extension of the existing 33 kV overhead line from Dugand to Port Launay via Port Glaud. 33kV Overhead circuit from Dugand to Port Claud and then Underground circuit from Port Glaud to Port Launay Sub-station.